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Ban Appeal
Sorry if I'm not following the template, I couldn't find it.

I was banned for, not exactly sure. Possibly racist remarks however that wouldn't fit this category for I was not demeaning/discriminating or otherwise hostile towards any race. At the time I was banned I was in Warframe using the tenno operator. The colour scheme was primarily black using the smoke colour pallet. I was messing around and referred to myself as "The little black man." as I was exactly that. Someone else referred to me as "Negro Prime" and I said that you could probably build that. I was told that could be taken in a racist way and a moment after being told that I stopped. (A moment being around 8-11 seconds.) about a minute after stopping I was banned, leaving me confused on if I had done something else or if someone else did something and it was mistaken for me. If unbanned I will take it easy on the voice chat and use it primarily to listen. If left unbanned I would like to have a valid reason for it.

Edit #1: Looks like all of the forum staff haven't been on the forums for months, even years. If you read this, think you could contact an admin to look over this? I'm pretty certain my ban was a mistake. 
(Quick Edit #1) Not sure why the only ban appeal section is available under rust, but oh well.
(Quick Edit #2) Reason why it took time to stop was because they told me to stop as I was replying to the negro prime portion.
Hi, I just spoke to Scarlet and she said that she'll respond to this later as she is quite busy right now.
Aye thanks.

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