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Zephyr+Tonkor= Lot of Dead Enemies
Build: Jet Stream Zephyr

Info: What it's all about?!
This build literally removes the one flaw the that Tonkor has i.e. the bouncing bullets that do not explode unless they hit an enemy. With this build you will be able to fire off tonkor at an insanely high speed, and this will make the pellets explode immediately after coming in contact with anything, whether it's a wall, floor or the ceiling. You will no longer have to aim your tonkor specifically at your enemy.

Key Requirements:
1. Zephyr Warframe (Tenno Lab)
2. Tonkor (Warframe Market)
3. 6-7 Forma in total
4. Jet Stream Augment Mod
5. Terminal Velocity Mod (For Rifles)

Focus School Recommended: Zenruik  

Part 1: Modding Zephyr
Forma Used: 1 (Recommended: 2) I added a vazarin polarity to fit my vitality mod.

This build is centered around Zephyrs third ability, turbulence. While the ability is active Zephyr creates a windshield that redirects all incoming damage. Although this makes zephyr invulnerable to incoming damage from enemy weapon, this however does not mean that Zephyr won't take damage from knockdowns, status proc etc, but I am not here to tell you about this, I am  here to tell you how to take this ability to it's limit.

So, the first thing you need to know is my mod Layout:

1. Aura Slot: I'd recommend that you add another forma to this slot and change the polarity from Vazarin to Naramon or Madurai. I say this because then you'll be able to use Aura Mod like, Rifle Amp and Energy Siphon
Rifle Amp will add more damage to your tonkor and Energy Siphon will make sure you don't run out of energy too often.

2. Augment Mod: The key component of this build is Jet Stream augment mod for Zephyr which you can get from Red Veil or New Loka. This mod enhances Zephyr's third Ability (Turbulence) and grants 40% more movement speed and increases the projectile speed by 100 for you and your squad mates.
This mod, coupled with power strength on zephyr of atleast 175% and Terminal Velocity Mod (Look in Part 2, below) will make the tonkor pellets so fast that when you fire your weapon the pellets will explode immediately after coming in contact with any surface.

2. Add More Power Strength: Make sure to add a forma first, you can either add vazarin or the madurai polarity, I decided to add an extra Vazarin polarity so I could fit in vitality. To make this build work your power strength needs to be atleast 175%. Why power strength, when turbulence isn't effected by power strength? well simply because of the augment mod, the power strength, doesn't increase the effectiveness of ability but actually increases the effectiveness of the Jet Stream mod itself. Add Intensify and Blind Rage to do the trick.

3. Add a bit of duration: You have to make sure that you have a good duration on your ability because putting blind rage on Zephyr will decrease the efficiency, so make sure you have a good bit of duration on. You can install Primed Continuity/Continuity/Constitution.

Part 2: Modding Tonkor
Forma Used: 5 (4 Madurai Polarities and 1 Naramon Polarity)

Key Requirement: Terminal Velocity Mod 

My Layout:

1. Terminal Velocity: (At max rank +60% flight speed): 

This mod increases the speed at which the projectiles, from a projectile based weapon, travel. So when you install this mod on your tonkor, the pellets become a lot faster and act almost like a hit-scan weapon when combined with Jet Stream.

2. Traditional Tonkor Modding: 
(a) Increase Critical Chance to 87.5% by installing Max Rank Point Strike.
(b) Increase Critical Multiplier to 5.5 x by installing a max rank Vital Sense.
© Add base damage mod Serration.
(d) You can add Heavy Caliber, because now you don't have to worry about aiming the tonkor, just fire anywhere near a group of enemies and watch them getting obliterated.
(e)Add Elemental Mods, suited to different factions:

(i) Grineer: Electricity + Heat= Radiation Damage: Add Stormbringer and Hellfire clip.
(ii) Corpus: Electricity + Ice= Magnetic Damage: Add Stormbringer and cryo Rounds.
(iii) Infested: Heat + Toxin= Gas Damage: Add Infected Clip and Hellfire.
(iv) Corrupted: Electricity + Toxin= Corrosive Damage: Add Stormbringer and Infected Clip.  

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